Welcome to IES group web page !


Information and Communication Technology (ICT), esp. the Internet and the World Wide Web, AI, and machine learning have been revolutionizing education. Educational systems are computerized and networked. They become fertile soil for artificial intelligence (AI) that makes educational systems smart and efficient for both educators and learners. The only limitation is your imagination. When we work together, we can make things happen.
We are a group of researchers who devote our attention to the study of AI for education. We live in different cities of the world. We meet online frequently.

  • Adaptive Cyber Learning
  • Formative Assessment
  • Interactive Simulation and Visualization
  • Auto-assessed Exercises
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Gamified Learning Systems
  • Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining
  • Student modeling
The Team
  • Dr. Oscar Lin
  • Dr. Wu-Yuin Huang
  • Dr. Ali Dewan
  • Hongxin Yan (PhD student)
  • Arta Farahmand (MSc IS student)
  • Kishan Komaravolu (MSc IS student)