Hongxue (Harris) Wang Hongxue (Harris) Wang, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Computing and Information Systems
Athabasca University

Member of ACM
Member of IEEE and IEEE Computer Society

Good day! Welcome to my home page at Athabasca University. I am originally from China, but before I came to Canada I studied and worked in Australia for about seven years, which was long enough for me to fully enjoy the hot yet nice weather. By now I have worked at Athabasca University for some years already, which is also long enough for me to learn about Alberta's cold winter. But, I still enjoy it. "It's so cool!", once I told my friends in Australia.

Education Background

  1. Ph.D.,Computer Science, The Australian National University, Australia, 1999
  2. M.Sc., Computer Software, Jilin University, China, 1988
  3. B.Sc., Computer Systems and Architectures, Jilin University, China, 1985

Work Experience

I have been an educator for all my years, though I worked and collaborated with people in industries and governments in many occasions. I like my career. I like to be a teacher because I felt really good when I saw my students have learned.

Current Teaching Duties

Since I came to AU in 2000, I have developed six online courses. Most of these courses were developed either entirely or partially using EduPalace, an integrated e-learning system for Web-based distance education. To assist students in taking these courses I have written some additional contents, called lecture notes for the courses I developed. These lecture notes are intended only for AU students who are currently registered in the respective courses. The courses I have currently teaching are:
  1. Comp 266 - Introduction to Web Programming. You may find additional information about the course at Comp 266 lecture notes
  2. Comp 347 - Computer Networks I You may find additional information about the course at Comp 347 lecture notes
  3. Comp 466 - Website Technology This 400 level course will teach you how to develop Web sites for enterprises and for doing some real business. After this course you will be capable of developing personal home pages, business home pages, Web-based e-learning systems, Web sites for e-commerce and e-business. The Web site technologies you will learn and use include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, MySQL, PHP, XML, Java Servlets and JSP. Before taking this courseStudents should have studied computer networks, databases and at least two Java programming courses and have some good programming skills in general. You may find additional information about the course at Comp 466 lecture notes.
  4. Comp 604 - Enterprise Computer Networks You may find additional information about the course from Comp 604 lecture notes when they became available.
  5. Comp 660 - Enterprise Information Security You may find additional information about the course at Comp 660 lecture notes when they became available.

Research Interests

  1. intelligent systems modelling, design and implementation The generic intelligent system model I developed and presented at IJCAI'97 is called constrained object hierarchy (COH). In this model, an intelligent system is a binding of some agents and a world, and for the agents the world consits of some objects, which can be worlds themselves, some defined methods the agents can use to act in or upon the world, and constraints representing the relationships between objects and the methods. Further in this model, constrants are classified as identity constraints, goal constraints, and trigger constraints. Identity constraints define the identity of the world; goal constraints set the goal for the agents to achieve; and the triggering constraints tell the agents under what conditions some defined actions should be taken.
  2. universal logic (UniLog) for knowledge representation I will describe UniLog in more detail later when I have time.
  3. network security: computer viruses, firewalls, security protocols, policies and formal methods for analysing network protocols and policies
  4. enabling-technology for electronic commerce
  5. agent systems including multi-agents and mobile agents
  6. object-oriented programming methodology and language (GISMO for Generalized Intelligent System Modeller)
  7. enabling-technology for e-learning: this is the area I have been working on since I came to this university.

Recently Completed projects

  1. EduPalace - an integrated system for Web-based distance education Since I joined AU in year 2000, my biggest undertaking in research is this project. I have designed and implemented EduPalace, an integrated system for Web-based e-learning and e-science.
  2. DigOL I have also been working with a student on a project called "data mining algorithms and techniques for discovering learning objects on the Web" , which was funded by the university as a mission critical research. The final goal of this research is to develop an intelligent Web minging system that can be used to discover learning objects for a given teaching topic, and automatically generate entries in learning object repositories. You may get the latest release of the Web mining package by reading through this user manual. The original project proposal can be found here. To get the bottom of the technical details you should read the technical report, and you are invited to send me your comments and suggestions.

Proposed Research Projects

  1. Topic map discovery and management
  2. Automatic learning object discovery
  3. Learning objective based course authoring
  4. Intelligent course authoring system
  5. Comprehensive student assessment with EduPalace
  6. Knowledge representation with constrained frames
  7. Develop software agents with constrained frames
  8. User authentication for multi-role and multi-module Web-based systems

Publications and presentation

Over the years, I have done research in several different areas, as can be seen my education and work experience above.
Papers in Distance Education, intelligent agent and intelligent systems
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Papers in E-Commerce, Internet and Information Security
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Papers in Object-Oriented Design, Modelling and Programming
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Professional Service

Other things you may or may not want to know about me

I like to fix things. If you have something broken please don't hesitate to bring it to me. I also like to read WuXia novels especially those by Jin Yong (金庸). As for sports, jogging, cycling and table tennis are my favourite.

If you still want to know more about me, please send me a message and I will redirect you to my personal homepage somewhere in the cyberspace. I can be reached at

Hongxue (Harris) Wang
School of Computing and Information Systems
Athabasca University
1 University Drive

Email: harrisw@athabascau.ca
Canada/US Toll-free : 1-866-301-6337
Fax: (780) 675-6148

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